The experiments and research which have proved beneficial to the society at large in the field of cow breeding & aged cows, conducted and done by Mahant Shri Narsinhdasji Gau Sewa Trust, is as stated below.

Observing the huge benefits of cow to make heaven on Earth, the great Indian sages declared that cow should not to be killed. In India 80% people live in villages and 90% 0f them are dependant on agriculture. Cow and its breeding can give free of charge milk, curd, oxen for agriculture and best quality of fertilizer, insecticides and medicines can make the people independent and wealthy.

Plenty of incurable diseases are spreading dangerously due to use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture. Hence land, rivers, ponds, wells, grains fruits, vegetables, milk etc. have become poisonous and cause diseases.

In India nearly about 74% farmers have only 2 to 5 acres of cultivating land. They do not have oxen for cultivation and it is very difficult for them to purchase costly tractors and fertilizers. Hence, their condition is getting miserable day by day and they are forced to labourious jobs in villages or in the inhuman conditions of slums in the cities.

What is the solution to this burning problem?

The simplest answer is animal husbandry. If a farmer has a cow he can get money in cash from its milk, fertilizer, dung, pesticides and medicines from panchgavya. Now here is the duty of big and independent Guashala to help such needy farmers by means of providing calf or oxen for cultivation and female calves or cows for animal husbandry.

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