• Gives calves to the needy farmers free of charge.
  • A calf or bull is given to any institute or an individual desiring to start a new cow house.
    Milk produced in this cow house is not for sale. Buttermilk is prepared out of it and given free to the visiting devotees.
  • ‘Prasad’ and ayurvedic medicines are made in cow ghee.
  • Biogas plant is run with the help of cow dung and its slurry is used as fertilizer in farming.
  • Different kinds of medicines are made out of “Panchagya” (Five products of cow, viz. milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung).
  • The rite of cow worship is performed. Normally the rite of cow worship is performed daily.
  • A special arrangement is made for cow worship rite during, agyaras, poonam, amavasya, whole month of shravan, uttarayan, gopashtami and Adhikmas.