Extracts from Cow Urine

Gau Mutra Ark : Concentrate is prepared from cow urine. It is popularly known as 44 Gau Mutra Ark. The same is used to cure number of diseases as well as in preparation of various medicines.

Ayurvedic Medicines :
Ayurvedic dispensary is run by the trust, where different medicines are prepared from the base of cow-urine. The consumption of such medicines has given very good results, particularly for curing skin diseases & intestine cancer.

Other Usage

Gobar Gas Plant

Cow dung is utilized in Gobar Gas plant and it is a very useful as pollution free fuel. In this Gaushala, three units each of 85 cubic metre capacity are installed. It is used in the preparation of meals for nearly 2000 people daily.

Slurry as Manure

Slurry, the waste from Gobar gas plant, is decomposed and used as fertilizer in our agriculture operation. The cow dung contains lot of nitrogen. Generally cow dung has 0.915% nitrogen, 0.194% phosphate and 1.5% potassium. There are different methods of preparation of manure from cow dung like Nadep, Vermi compost etc. The fertility of soil where this type of manure is used is maintained for a long time, says three to four years and does not require any additional fertilizer. Also, the quality and sweetness of the food grains and fruits obtained by using this type of fertilizer is never obtained by using any other chemical fertilizer.


The application of concentrate, liquid prepared from the mixture of cow-urine, tobacco and neem juice on the crops has proven very useful in saving them from the attack of insects and has minimized the loses. This also helps in maintaining ecological balance and keeping the environment pollution free.

Side Effects

The side effects which are usually seen in food grains and fruits by using chemical insecticides are totally eliminated by the use of cow-urine spray.

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