What is Gaudan (the gift of cow)?

The sages, as described in the ved puranas, stated that touch & worship of cow and the regular use of cow products can absolve sins and prevent diseases.

The knowledge gained by them on the basis of their experience has been offer to the world by them for the well being of all. By giving nectar like milk to drink to the human beings the cow enhances their well being. For their uplift and welfare human beings after death, they touch cow’s tail and thereby cross the ocean like river Vaitarani. That is why cow worship is considered to be very significant and important.

Reward of the gift of cow (Gaudan)

Cows give to the living creature nectar like milk to drink. That is why it is called ‘prana’ (vitality). The gift of cow therefore is considered to be equal to the gift of one’s own ‘prana’. The ved experts state the cow gives shelter to all living creatures. By giving the gift of cow a human being uplifts not only his own seven generations but the seven generations of his former cousins and his coming children also.

Gaulok (heavenly abode of Shri Krishna) that can not be achieved by sages even after their penance for many years can be achieved by giving gift of cow only once (Skandpurnana). The ceremony of giving gift on cow has to be performed either in the temple of Lord Vishnu or at the bank of the river.

Materials for performing the rite of Gaudan

Dhoti (for male), sari (for female) coconut, a trough (tagaru to feed the cow), bhagonu ( for milking), five yard long rope of cotton, 2.5 meter long cloth (white or red), abir-gulal, turmeric powder, kanku, vermilion, narachhadi, garland flowers, khadi-sigadi (of any metal) are required to decorate the cow before worship and then to be gifted.

Ushinar, Vishvagashva, Nrig, Bhgagirath, famous Yovanash, Madhanta, Muchkund, Bhuridyumna, Naishadh-Somak, Pururava, Soverigh Bharat, Lord Shri Ramchandra, Narendra and King Dilip- all of them gained the divine world and could go ahead on the path directed towards salvation (moksha) because they donated a cow.